The Operation Division Is “The eyes and hands” of Shipping Sector. Monitoring all aspects of a shipment, keeping all parties well informed, and control the fulfillment of contractual obligations by both parties are the aspects our Operational Division cares for. Prevention and resolving of minor problems, appearing within the contract duration, and, probably the main part of Operational Division activity – managing of normal everyday operational activity of our shipments. All the above allows us to conduct any shipments to our full satisfaction.

Venus have 4 ship unloaders with total capacity of 2200 MT/hour, directing the discharged grains with automated covered conveyor belts to 10 silos and 9 closed flat stores with total storage capacity of 330,000 MT, we are conducting periodical analysis for all stored grains in our own laboratory inside the facility, which equipped with the latest equipment covering all chemical and rheological analysis that used in milling industry.

Our operations is 24/7 with well trained and capable team.

Our first priorities are quality and safety, meanwhile maintain the concept of continuous improvement which lead us to have the best performance and standard in the market.  

Technical Affairs
Technical Affairs: Is the technical arm of Venus International that is concerned of ; Maintaining all working equipment as all equipment must be ready and in well condition at the required time. Operate equipment at loading and unloading of vessels and silos. Design systems and equipment according to our needs and required modifications. Not only this but also , Manufacturing, assembling and erecting equipment parts and complete equipment.