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Chairman's Statement

ChairmanVenus International Free Zone for grain trading and marine services has been established towards the end of the twentieth century and the beginning of the twenty first century. Ever since the company has started its operations, it has managed to build a complete working group in the field of grain trading, food ingredients and their logistics services in order to complement the globalization policy and to achieve the national interest and economic development. Ultimately, the company’s operations has served all Egyptian citizens of different levels, creating a true nucleus of grain trading in the stock exchange market in compliance with the international stock markets rules. By participating with major international companies in the respective domain, the company has achieved many advantages and benefits to pull alongside global economic developments, for example:

  • Providing grain throughout the year with the lowest prices.
  • Protecting the market from dumping, price fluctuations and stock markets shakes.
  • Providing logistics necessary for the trade.

Our company's objectives are as follows:

  • Protecting importers within Egypt from price differences that might occur during the time between shipping from the exporting country until the arrival of goods.
  • Scheduling the use of dollar for grain import operations without pressuring the cash reserve.
  • Increasing the strategic stock of grain imported by the country.
  • Providing secured means of sea and land transportation at competitive prices to serve our customers wherever they are.
  • Establishing a main manufacturing base for producing vertical and horizontal silos supplies to maintain the quality of grain during trading process and storage.
  • Active participation in creating national cadres having the ability to deal with international stock markets.
  • Increasing operation rates of port berths.
  • Re-exporting grain in medium freights to all countries in the Middle East, Gulf States, Africa and across the Mediterranean Sea.

The company's project has been established on the latest technological basis in the field of automated loading and unloading and electronic control in all operations in order to achieve the highest rates of accuracy in all stages while preserving the environment from any contamination.

Believing in the importance of private sector contribution in such huge projects and following the steps of the glorious people's revolution in January 2011, we promise always to adjust steadily to all the technological advancements in order to maintain the company's active role in the economy; and to move forward with the help of sincere calibers for the sake of our beloved Egypt and its great people. Furthermore, we aim to achieve the highest rates of development to our country within a democratic life, in which the value of the individual within the community is highly considered so that everyone enjoys a better life.

Chairman and Managing Director

Engineer: Mohamed Abdel Fadil

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