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Board Members

  • Mohamed Aly Abdel Fadil

    Mohamed Aly Abdel Fadil

    Chairman of Venus International
    1- Bachelor of civil engineering –Cairo university1987
    2- Diploma of project management 1989

    Currently he holds on the positions over the years:
    1- Chairman of Multi-Building Systems and Engineering (MBSE), providing the most upscale services in construction, manufacturing, maintenance and operation.
    2- General Manager of Venus International for import & export (trading in the local market)
    3- Board member of the General Division of Importers in the Federation of Egyptian Chambers of Commerce
    4- Chairman of Kazakh Egyptian businessmen council
    5- Member of Russian Egyptian businessmen council
    6- Honorary member of Russian grain union
    7- Member of Egypt international economic forum
    8- Member of Egyptian junior businessmen association
    9- Member of Egyptian French businessmen committee
    10- Chairman of TransGlobe Logistics, a land transportation and logistics services company

    1- More than 25 years in the market grains field in both local and international markets
    2- Pioneer in establishing the idea of grain market brokerage serving the Arabian & the Mediterranean region.


  • Hassan Abdel Fadil

    Hassan Abdel Fadil

    An Egyptian entrepreneur with a passion for starting up green field engineering project and management systems. As the CEO of Venus International, he is responsible for running most facets of the business. He has proven executive management track record over 21 years of diversified experience in manufacturing, international trading, project management, systems analysis and design, business development and management. His consistent record of delivering extraordinary result in growth, revenue and operational performance of the company was proven with the profitability of the company serving large size organizations in Egypt with a turn over that exceeds 1 billion dollars per year.

    Education and Credentials:
    1- BSC in Mechanical Engineering
    2- MBA in International Business Administration
    3- Several development courses on both technical and personal level.

    Professional Affiliations:
    1- A Certified Board Member by the National Association of Corporate Directors and Risk Metric Group in USA..
    2- Member of GAFTA (Grain and Feed Trade Association) : a non official body that recognized worldwide for regulating the International Trade for Soft Commodities.
    3- Member of the Who is Who Organization.

    Hassan Abdel Fadil is the Co-Chairs of one of the biggest land transportation and logistics services company in Egypt: TGL Logistics (TransGlobe Logistics). His aim is to restructure the face of this industry in terms of operation standards, quality of service, level of maintenance, overall safety, and environmental care. Beside TGL he is also leading two other companies: TMC (Transportation Management Center) and MBSE (Multi-Building Systems & Engineering).


  • Najeeb Al Saleh

    Najeeb Al Saleh

    Representative of National Bank of Egypt in Venus International Board Director of Venus International
    Graduated in Business administration, USA in 1975
    NAS holds numerous positions and manages companies for family business and others.

    He currently holds the following positions:
    1- Chairman and Managing Director, Al Massaleh Real Estate Ksc.
    2- Chairman , Fimbank Plc.Malta
    3- Vice Chairman, Al Massaleh Investment.
    4- Vice Chairman , Al Taameer Real Estate Investment Ksc

    He held other positions over the years, like board member at Gulf Bank KSC. ( 6years). Member of the board at Kuwait foreign trading contracting and investment company KSC (Three years). Member of the board at the United Bank of Kuwait plc London (three years). Member of the board at the Arab Spanish Bank Madrid (Three years). Board member of Ahlea Circle Cleaning KSC (1981- 2004)


  • Dr. Ahmed El-Rafei

    Dr. Ahmed El-Rafei

    Member of the Board, Venus International
    1- Graduated from Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University 1978
    2- Master Degree, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University 1982, signed up excellent
    3-Trained by the Kansas City Exchange in the USA in the field of commodity trading.
    4- Trained by the Chicago Exchange in the USA, the largest commodity exchange in the world, in the field of commodity trading


  • Khaled Barakat

    Khaled Barakat

    Business Development Manager (Taameer Egypt)
    Graduated in Arts, Communications and Advertising from California State University Fullerton, USA in 1997.
    Prior to joining Taameer, Egypt in 2006 he worked with Al - Mutawa Group (a real estate development company) as a Business Development Director.
    He has also held managerial positions with a media company in Jordan and with Volvo, Egypt. He specializes in working closely with government departments arranging various permits for start-up businesses, marketing strategies and liaison with lawyers and brokers


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