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let's tell you more about Alexandria

Alexandria in a glimpse

About AlexandriaAlexandria is situated in a district and unique location, with a surface area extending North West of the Nile delta to about 20kms between the Mediterranean Sea and the Mariut Lake. Alexandria is 225kms away from the capital, Cairo, to which it is connected through the Desert road and agriculture road, regular railway lines, as well as regular domestic airline service operating between Cairo International Airport and Alexandria International Airport (Al Nozha Airport)

Why Alexandria?

Alexandria is the second biggest city in Egypt which also accommodates the first and biggest port in the country. Alexandria Port was founded by the Greek architect Denocrates (331-332 B.C.) on the ruins of the ancient village. Alexandria developed quickly into a city that soon became a cultural, scientific, political and economic pole. Monuments still stand tall in witness of the city’s greatness.

Homer wrote during his trip to Alexandria “the Alexandria port is distinct as the ships exit the port to the open area directly”

Alexandria was named after its founder, Alexander the Great, who established the city in 331 B.C. to become the Greek romaine capital of Egypt.

Alexander the Great selected this location for the new city to be 20 miles west so that the sleet and mud carried by the Nile River would not block the city port. Alexandria’s location was distinct for connecting Greece to the rest of Egypt across the Mediterranean Sea. At that time, the Nile River and the Red Sea were connected with a channel that fulfilled the current purpose of the Suez Canal. The city had two ports, the first for the Nile River trade and the second for the marine trade port overlooking the Mediterranean Sea thus Alexandria was the doorway to the Indian Ocean.

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