our vision

To be the leading company and the first choice in providing cargo handling and marine services

our mission

To provide our customers with the best quality and services covering (stevedoring logistics and maritime services) for the Egyptian Market

Core Values

Customer Focus


Prompt Response

Continuous Improvement

Security, Safety and Quality

The company's project has been established on the latest technological basis in the field of automated loading, unloading and electronic control in all operations in order to achieve the highest rates of accuracy in all stages while preserving the environment from any contamination.

Venus operates as part of a renowned grain trading group, which provides grain trading, stevedoring and marine services. The Group’s companies are designed to be managed and grow individually, as well as create a value-added integration among them. Venus started as a group of investors that have a clearly defined vision of seeking different opportunities. Those opportunities aim to provide a variety of services to serve the logistics supply chain and invest in different group of companies for achieving their strategic objectives separately. We promise always to adjust steadily to all the technological advancements in order to maintain the company's active role in the economy; and to move forward with the help of sincere calibers for the sake of our beloved Egypt and its great people. Furthermore, we aim to achieve the highest rates of development to our country within a democratic life, in which the value of the individual within the community is highly considered so that everyone enjoys a better life.

Venus’ facilities are strategically located in Dekheila port in Alexandria, with a port facility of over 106.5k sqm holding 19 storage facilities with a total storage capacity of 314k tons. The Company’s facilities are in compliance by the highest quality standards, earning certifications such as the ISO 14001, 45001 & 9001.